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    29th Mar 2015

    SAVE THE DATE! 14 October 2015 I 4pm to 9pm I University of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Certified Case Managers (& guests) are invited to register their participation &/or attendance at the CCM Graduation and/or Cocktail Reception.    LEARN MORE...  

  • Become a Certified Case Managerâ„¢ in 2015

    28th Mar 2015

    If you are working within the specialist area of case management as an academic, consultant, educator,  executive, manager, practitioner, professional or researcher, you may be eligible to apply for recognition as a Certified Case Manager™ (Practising or Non Practising). 

    Click here to learn all about becoming certified.

  • Why the term "Case Manager"?

    26th Mar 2015

    Today a Case Manager may have one of many titles. These may be allocated according to: (1) A specific “position or job”; (2) A generic or descriptive term; OR (3) A professional qualification and/or certification and/or credentialing. To learn more click here or go to http://www.cmsa.org.au/about-us/what-is-a-case-manager
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  • National Standards of Practice for Case Management, 3rd Revised Editio

    Case Management Society of Australia & New Zealand (CMSA)

    The National Standards of Practice for Case Management (3rd Revised Edition, 2013) specify the minimum National level of practice (benchmark of excellence) to be attained by a practitioner throughout the case management process and provides the foundation for a best practice framework and uniform approach for Certified Case Managers™, practitioners and agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Certified Practising Case Manager Australia

The Case Management Society of Australia & New Zealand (CMSA) National Certification sets the benchmark of excellence in case management. Certified Practising Case Managers™ (CPCM) & Certified Case Managers Non Practising™ (CCMNP) adhere to the CMSA National Standards & National Code of Ethics for Case Management & are recognised for their advanced education, experience, knowledge & skills by their colleagues, consumers & employers.